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Mr Good Vibes

Mr Good Vibes Understands Generation Z

Mr Good Vibes (Antonio), is the Founder and CEO of Good Vibes Enterprises. Due to his youth, ability to connect to Gen Z, his charisma, and overall knowledge on what captures the attention of individuals a part of Generation Z, he is a highly requested speaker on the topic of marketing to Gen Z. His experience has earned him opportunities to speak at large companies such as Tim Horton's, Loblaws, and even Cineplex. He took part in helping create campaigns that were meant to capture the attention of university students (aged 17-22). He also conducted workshops on how these companies could get Generation Z engaged in the workforce.


Prior to changing the direction of the business from selling branded apparel that said "Good Vibes," to creating a digital marketing agency that specializes in Generation Z engagement, he was able to sell just over 11,000 clothing items in 15 months to university students across North America. It became obvious to him that he understood how to get and keep the attention of Gen Z. He started consulting for small businesses and helped them create strategies for social media marketing campaigns that would capture the eyes of Generation Z. Learning everything he could about Gen Z through podcasts, books, videos, articles, and trial & error, he felt he was ready to take his consulting a step further and create an actual business out of it. Forming a team around him, he used his previous experience to branch out to more small, mid, and large-sized businesses to help them win in this digital landscape of marketing to Generation Z.

Early Life

Business was not his only passion. From the tender age of 4, Mr Good Vibes started playing soccer. He went through his trials and tribulations (not making teams, being bullied, racism, etc.) with optimism. Despite being told he would never be good enough at a young age, he ignored the critics, and with a strong support system, he earned himself multiple Division 1 soccer scholarship offers.  

In his early teenage years, he had his first jobs: door-to-door-salesman for College Pro, and customer service representative at the Canadian National Exhibition. He was learning what it meant to make money for yourself, and how to save it. Besides selling chocolate almonds and sports cards to classmates, this was the first time he had received a formal pay check. But what he gained from these experiences was more important than money. One, he learned to overcome a fear of rejection while knocking door-to-door and making sales. Secondly, he learned how to interact and build relationships with customers while working at the CNE. While he was working these jobs, his father introduced him to the book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This opened up his mind to the world of business and financial literacy. By the time he was 14, he decided it was time to experiment with a business of his own. Using the experience he had gained from his previous jobs, he built a landscaping business. Knocking door-to-door and talking to neighbours gained him his first customers. There were days when he would knock on at least fifty doors and still not get a customer. But he understood that maybe the fifty-first person could say yes. This resiliency was built inside of him and made him better. Once he compiled ten weekly clients, he decided it was time to hire workers. This business started growing rapidly and his grandfather also helped manage the business. They even expanded into interlocking, landscape design, pavement, and snow removal. This business went on for two years before they sold it to a competitor at a price that they couldn't turn down. Mr Good Vibes returned his focus back to soccer and that's when he earned his scholarship offers. But he knew deep down, that business was his greatest talent and passion. He waited a couple years before another idea came to mind. He noticed there was a lot of negativity in the media and the world could use some positivity. So, at the age of 17, he started ATD Apparel which sold clothing items that said "Good Vibes." The movement quickly caught traction as he gained the support of influencers such as Cabral Richards and Daymond John. He also partnered with Habitat for Humanity and his local high school to raise awareness. He later decided to re-brand ATD Apparel into Good Vibes Enterprises. Selling over 11,000 products in 15 months, he saw his previous business acumen come into play.

In addition to being a full-time Division 1 student-athlete, he runs GVE. Mr Good Vibes has found a way to pursue all his passions and goals with extreme discipline and dedication.

Mr Good Vibes Inspires the Youth

Through his story of perseverance and dedication, Mr Good Vibes has spoken to high school students across Toronto about finding/pursuing their passion, while building a credible relationship with the Toronto District School Board.

If you would like to schedule Mr Good Vibes to speak for your school or business, please email him at:


Mr Good Vibes first business

Mr Good Vibes with his grandfather at the age of 14, running his first business.

Mr Good Vibes and Daymond John

Mr Good Vibes with Daymond John (Shark Tank).

Mr Good Vibes and Cabbie

Mr Good Vibes with Cabral Richards (Cabbie).

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