How to Stay Motivated Even With All That Homework

January 22, 2017

How to Stay Motivated Even With All That Homework

It is time to stop considering yourself an experienced procrastinator and tackle that huge pile of homework. I know, easier said than done? Your brain needs a rest stop after a long day of learning and work, but lazing around is only going to make those assignments much more frustrating and unbearable. In case you need some motivation to get some stuff done right now, here are some tried and true tips.

Time Management

Your teachers probably talk about this all the time, but time management is pretty crucial in life. Whether you are a high school student or college postgraduate, the same rules apply: you cannot devote more time to something of lesser importance without settling major appointments first.

Divvy up your homework and other obligations into time slots. Commit to those “appointments” you have made for yourself. Remember, winners are never late.  

Shorter Sessions

But in the situation where you cannot tolerate the idea of sitting for long periods of time just burning through homework, try smaller work sessions throughout the day. In the same fashion some people work out in 15-30 minute clips, you can do the same thing with your workload. Break it up by subject or by assignment type, then do those tasks only. Once you finish, move onto something else or take a break.

Turn Off Distractions

Yes, Instagram and Facebook have been fascinating lately. Fortunately, that means these things will not disappear if you ignore it for an hour or so. Switch off your phone, turn off the TV, and log out of any time wasting websites on your computer. If there is a show you absolutely cannot miss, consider DVR or a subscription service. Schedule TV or other things for when you are free.

Use Productivity Apps

Modern inventions can be a curse and a cure-all. Use the good, not the bad. By that, I mean use productivity apps like the following to better help you make use of your time (Bonus points for the FREE price tag) :

  • 1-3-5 List: Build lists of goals based on priority
  • RescueTime: Tracks your activities to show where exactly you waste the most time and helps you allocate it elsewhere
  • Nirvana: Organizational software that has “focuses” and cloud-based scheduling
  • Forest: If you heard of Pomodoro and gamification, then you will love Forest, which lets you do tasks for a set period to grow a tree. You break when the tree grows up
  • Momentum: Sometimes we need constant reminders to do something, and that is exactly how this works. Every time you access the device, your main focus is displayed
  • Strict Workflow: When temptation strikes and you head off to a social media site, this app will block you until the allotted time has been met.

Any of these apps can help you with productivity. Use them all together for a boosted effect.

Mind Hack Yourself

Fool yourself into getting motivated. Here’s how: study the one thing you hate to study first and give yourself 5 minutes. At the end of those 5 minutes, check in with yourself to see if you can keep going. Most people miss the 5 minute mark and just keep powering through.

It is amazing what you can do when you simply start.


Lastly, do not forget to give yourself the occasional pat on the back. Give yourself time throughout the study session to stand up, stretch, get something tasty to snack on, call a friend, or watch a funny Youtube video. Do something that makes you laugh or wake you up. This promotes a good vibe effect that you can come back to whenever you finish something important.

School work and projects stink. No one really likes to do them, but you have to get the work done if you want to succeed. It is what it is, so do not put it off! Use simple tricks to get motivated and do what feels most natural and rewarding for you. Stay motivated, get educated, and change the world.

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